A master’s degree from ALEC prepares you to develop impactful programs and initiatives around food, agriculture, natural resources, and the environment. You will develop critical thinking and communication skills to help people connect with food and agriculture. Your expertise can be applied in careers such as teaching, journalism, management, human resources, administration and in outreach contexts.

We provide a welcoming community to support your development in and outside of the classroom. Affordable on-campus and online programs are available to meet your unique needs.

Career Opportunities

An M.S. degree from ALEC can advance your career in many roles where education, leadership, and communication skills are valued.

The opportunities with an ALEC degree are endless. Our graduates are involved in a variety of rewarding careers, including:

  • Secondary and Postsecondary Education
  • Program Administrator
  • Agricultural and Youth Extension
  • Agricultural Marketing, Sales, and Supervision
  • Agricultural Communications and Journalism
  • Community Development and Governance
  • Organizational Trainer
  • Environmental Education and Natural Resources Advocacy

For more information please contact

Dr. Anna Ball
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Director of Agricultural Leadership, Education, and Communications Program




Anna Ball