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Degree requirement: Bachelor’s degree required
Semester: Spring, fall, summer
Program length: 9 credit hours
Format: Online

This certificate is designed for practicing teachers in agricultural education to provide new strategies and techniques that enhance their teaching skills beyond the undergraduate level. It can be personalized to the content area that is most applicable to each teachers’ course responsibilities.

This certificate is designed for early career high school and middle school teachers who are beginning their post-Bachelor's degree education. It allows them to explore courses related to both teaching strategies and agricultural content to enhance their skills and knowledge base.

To complete the certificate, students must complete both the First Year and Second Year Agriculture Teacher Seminars. In addition, teachers can pick 400 or 500 level courses from any of the departments of the College of ACES, based on the subject of interest. This certificate allows teachers to create a personalized track of study based on the needs of the current or future high school or middle school courses they are teaching. Included among the electives is course credit for completing the CASE (Curriculum for Agricultural Science Education) curriculum training program.


Required Courses

  • AGED 496 - Beginning Agriculture Teachers Seminar, (2 credits, fall)
  • AGED 498 - Second Year Agriculture Teachers Seminar (1 credit, summer)

Summer Elective Courses 

  • AGED 500 - Special Topics in Ag Education, 1-4, Summer
  • The CASE curriculum training many agriculture teachers take fits under this course.
  • ALL ACES 400-500 - 1-6, All, Additional electives must be 400 or 500 level courses

For more information, contact:

Dr. Amy Leman
Assistant Professor
Amy Leman