Tell the world. Teach the world. Change the world.

ALEC degrees lead to great opportunities

Careers that value leadership, education, and communication benefit from the breadth, depth and power of an ALEC degree.

We grow community and global leaders, create educators, and develop storytellers prepared to transform agriculture, meet environmental challenges, and impact lives.

You have a calling to help people, share knowledge, and address the world’s most critical human and environmental challenges. So do we.

We’re an exciting, new program. Join us for real-world experiences...and earn a degree that will change your life. 

An ALEC Education

ALEC offers all the big advantages the University of Illinois offers. But we’re also small enough to really know you, your passions, and your goals for the future.

At ALEC, you’ll have the encouragement of fellow ALEC students and faculty from many backgrounds.

You’ll learn job-ready leadership, teaching, and communication skills in a welcoming, collaborative environment.

And you’ll experience the personalized attention that nurtures big dreams…for big impact.

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Study Abroad

Studying abroad gives you unforgettable, real-world experiences that mirror your interests. You’ll gain a global outlook and stand out among your peers.

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Our Programs

Our core concentrations in agricultural leadership, education and communications form one collective program with infinite possibilities.

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Our Faculty

ALEC faculty train leaders, teachers and communicators to help tackle global challenges in agriculture, human development, and the environment.

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For information on different activities our students are involved in throughout the school year or exciting, new research are faculty are working on, browse our news stories.

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Give to ALEC

We prioritize giving students the opportunity to participate in hands-on learning experiences. Giving financial support helps us fund important experiential learning activities that are not covered by student tuition costs.