Internship Information

Not only are internships an excellent way to get first-hand work experience and network with industry professionals, our students can also choose to use an internship for course credit. 

  • Organizational and Community Leadership students complete a minimum 10-week professional internship with a company or organization of their choice
  • Agricultural Education students obtain teaching opportunities in school districts throughout Illinois
  • Agricultural Communications students intern with agencies, non-profits, and companies across the country getting hands-on experience in marketing, public relations, and journalism

To learn more about the types of internships our students have held, read our ALEC Stories.


Finding Internships

Speaking with your advisor, teachers, and your peers can be a great place to start when considering the internship experience you want, and learning where to look. ALEC students also receive weekly emails with job and internship opportunities. 

All University of Illinois students have access to Handshake @ Illinois, an online system that connects you to job opportunities, job shadow programs, internships, interviews, career fair information, and recruiting events.

Volunteer Experience

Volunteering is a great way to get involved in the local community and diversify your experience.

The Office of Volunteer Programs provides links to University of Illinois student service organizations, University service initiatives, and other resources.