ALEC Research Opportunities

At the University of Illinois, countless opportunities exist for engaging with some of the world’s leading faculty in researching tomorrow’s solutions for today’s complex problems in agriculture, food, human relations, and environmental science.

Within the Agricultural Leadership, Education, and Communications program, students have the opportunity to

  • Earn academic credit
  • Present the results of their studies in front of peers and within professional meetings
  • Collaborate on publishing in academic journals

To learn more about the specific research initiatives in each faculty member's portfolio, you can click on their individual bios here.

UGR Symposium April 2017


University Research Opportunities

Students can also conduct research with faculty outside their majors. The College of ACES Office of Academic Programs has more information on conducting a research project as an undergraduate student. Other than conducting their own research students also have the opportunity to apply to work in a faculty member's laboratory, assisting faculty and graduate students with their research.