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Applied Program Development (On Campus & Online)

A concentration in Applied Program Development will give you formal and informal educational and other learning opportunities in an organizational community context. This concentration will help with many different kinds of programs such as organizational and extension. This track is available to both on-campus and online students.

Applied Research (On Campus Only)

Sharpen your research skills by working hand-in-hand with individual faculty members in one of their current research endeavors. As a capstone to your degree, you will complete and defend a master’s thesis. This concentration it is only available to students full-time students.

Teacher Licensure (On Campus & Online)

Our Teacher Licensure concentration is structured to support students in earning a license to teach subjects related to agriculture in public secondary schools in the state of Illinois.

Core Courses

ALEC 500: Foundations of ALEC
Introduction to Agriculture Leadership, Education, and Communications-how do they all interconnect? Apply the concepts to developments in food, agriculture, and environmental systems.

ALEC 505: Science and Art of Teaching and Learning
Students will explore theoretical principles of education and learning. Reflect on their own learning styles and how they can implement new ones into their own life, as well as teach ways to learn.

ALEC 510: Program Planning, Implementation, and Evaluation
Compare and contrast theory and practice of educational program planning, delivery and evaluation for youth and adult audiences in community settings. Incorporate the principles of community needs assessment, logic model development, program implementation and program evaluation into agriculture-related programs

On-campus Program Contact

On-campus Graduate Program Co-coordinator, Associate Professor
David Rosch
David Rosch

Online Program Contact

Online Graduate Program Co-coordinator, Associate Professor
Eric Morgan
Eric Morgan

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