If I have not yet declared a major, can I still take courses in the minor?

Yes! Start with LEAD 260: Foundations of Leadership. LEAD 260 is the pre-requisite course for the rest of the required courses in the Minor. Then take one or more of the approved elective courses. Once you have declared a major and have earned at least 30 credit hours, you can complete the Minor Declaration Form and continue completing the requirements.

How is the Leadership Studies Minor different from the Illinois Leadership Center's Leadership Certificate program?

A significant emphasis within the Minor is the academic study of leadership with a theoretical lens, while the emphasis of services within the Illinois Leadership Center is successful leadership practice. The Minor in Leadership Studies requires the completion of six approved courses and will appear on your University of Illinois transcript, while the certificate requires one leadership course and will not appear on your transcript. 

How many semesters will it take me to complete the minor?

Typically students take 3-4 semesters to complete the Minor in Leadership Studies.