Certificate Program

Agricultural and Environmental Communications Certificate

Looking for a way to sharpen your communication skills? The Certificate in Agricultural and Environmental Communications will not only help you become a better communicator, but will also help you gain a deeper knowledge of food, agriculture, bio-renewable energy, and the environment.

Regardless of the career path you pursue, you will likely engage diverse stakeholders in joint problem solving and opportunity seeking. This 12- to 13-hour certificate will help you develop strategic planning and communication skills to serve the communication functions necessary within the fields of research and production, processing, marketing, sales, consumption, nutrition, and health. It will also prepare those who study natural resources and other allied environmental fields to communicate social responsibility.

Certificate programs typically involve fewer courses than a minor while enabling students to develop additional knowledge in a field or sub-field. Certificate programs do not appear on your official transcript; only courses taken are listed. Certificates, however, add gravitas to a resume. Those who complete the program will receive a physical and digital certificate from the ALEC program and the College of ACES to help document their successful completion.

Required Courses

Course Title Credit Hours
Required Courses
AGCM 220 Communicating Agriculture 3
AGCM 320 Public Information Campaigns 4
Choose two from the following
AGCM 230 Ag and Environmental Photography 3
AGCM 250 Visual Principles for Ag Communicators 2
AGCM 270 Agricultural Sales and Persuasive Communication 3
AGCM 315 Emerging Media 3
AGCM 330 Environmental Communications 3
AGCM 430 Communication in Environmental Social Movements 3

For more information on the Agricultural Communications certificate or to start the application process, contact Heather Miller.