Online Master's Recommended Course List

M.S. in Agricultural Education

To be admitted to the Masters of Science program in Agricultural Education, students must meet the following requirements:

  • A bachelor’s degree from a regionally accredited institution (the program is not restricted to students with particular backgrounds or degrees)
  • A minimum 3.0 GPA on all undergraduate coursework (a person with a GPA lower than 3.0 may still be considered in certain circumstances
  • GRE test scores for the on-campus Graduate Program are required, but are optional for our online program

The program requires the student to complete 32 credit hours of graduate courses. While specific course patterns may be developed to meet individual needs with the help of the advisor, a general recommended set of course options include the following:

Agricultural Education Foundation Courses (20-22 credits)

Agricultural Education Foundations (6 credits)

  • AGED 400 – Foundations in Ag and Extension Education
  • AGED 420 – Curriculum Design and Instruction

Instruction Methods and Design (4 credits)

  • AGED 430 – Youth Development Programs - OR -
  • AGED 490 – Adult Learning Principles

Educational Research (8 credits)

  • AGED 545 – Research Methods and Design
  • AGED 549 – Independent Study (Final Project) or AGED 599 – Thesis

Agricultural Education Electives (2-4 credits)

  • AGED 480 – Collaborative Leadership
  • AGED 499 – Beginning Ag Teachers Seminar (or other equivalent AGED 499 courses, upon advisor approval)
  • AGED 500 – CASE Institute (Illinois institutes hosted by Pontiac High School and Rolling Meadows High School)
  • AGED 500 – Special Topics in Ag Ed
    (Some AGED 500 courses may count as Technical Subject Matter, upon advisor approval.)
  • AGED 540 – Volunteer Management
  • AGED 550 – Advanced Program Delivery
  • AGED 551 – Advanced Program Evaluation

Technical Subject Matter (12 credits)

Students can complete electives in agriculture, education, or other fields, upon advisor approval. Students may complete up to 4 additional credits in agricultural education.

500-level course credit

To earn at graduate degree at the University of Illinois, students must complete 12 credits of 500-level coursework. This coursework can also be used to fulfill other degree requirements.

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Teaching Licensure Concentration

Students preparing to apply for teaching licensure in the state of Illinois to teach agriculture in secondary schools should choose this option. At the University of Illinois, students work with staff specialists and the Council on Teacher Education to create an individualized list of required coursework based on their specific past education. Requirements for teaching licensure are often separate from AGED MS Degree requirements – students often earn more than the required 32 credits for graduation to gain licensure.